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FOUNDING Executive Director, the ministry; Founding CEO; the charity

Gap Ministries Foundation and Gap Charities Inc. Are coming down the home stretch towards the completion of an international financing project to relocate our international financing project to Victoria for use in North America and around the world. We’re seeking to establish an international financial foundation for social relief and sustainable community developments, with an expectation that God will release His floodgates on us before Christmas. Please pray with us.

We’re seeking to build an international inter-organizational and inter-community co-operative and we want to build a network of sponsoring, partnering and participating organizations in Wahington State, the US and internationally.

We’re focussing on building a complimentary community economy with community housing, social rehabilitation, medical and community support, community commerce and community outreach. We’ll require a large human resource, partners, sponsors and community interest as we move ahead. Please spread the request and our email address,

Thank you and many blessings.

John C Turner

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