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Sisters addiction

Please God help my sister Jenna […] to become sober she is on the streets and I am very worried about her we need help God please make a change in her heart in order to get her clean and off drugs. I am begging for anyone to help me pray for her safety and wellbeing to return home and make the decision to get clean for good.

Please help my family stay together and find somewhere to live we are being evicted because of all our troubles with the police and have no where to go. Our family is so broken please mend our hearts and take away our pain and sadness and I pray for Jesus to set Jenna free from her addiction. Please someone pray for my grandmother Kelly’s health.

Please God I beg that my aunt won’t give up on Jenna.

Please God I pray that you will save our family and have a plan for us. I am so lost and I pray for guidance and strength to help my mother. I pray that my dad is safe and at peace with the lord and one dad we may see him again. I pray God will forgive me for my sins against him and bad decisions and he still loves us. I pray that we may finally all live in a stable loving home together with peace and warmth joy laughter and love. I pray the lord hears my prayer and I’m sorry i made bad choices I pray me and my sisters will get married one day to amazing loving healthy gentleman God chooses for us. I pray God will take away my mother’s pain and may grant her a long life that I may have with her for all the selflessness and I pray I can provide for us all one day so we don’t have to worry about being kicked out. Please God. I’m sorry.

I love my sister and I pray she will come home and choose to be sober. Please God keep her safe and send an angel to protect her to keep her safe. I pray she will get clean for good. I pray for my family to become one Again. Please God save her from drugs. I love you . Thank you. Please God. I pray you will save her life from heroin. Please keep her safe and I pray no one hurts her. Please God. I am so sad. I miss my daddy and pray he still loves me even though I’ve disappointed him a lot . I pray God has a plan for us I feel so hopeless but I know Jesus is there for us please save Jenna’s life. 😭🙏